Gold in September’s Annie Bartosz Gets a Big Surprise from Aaron Rodgers

On his Sunday off after the Seattle Thursday night season opener, Aaron Rodgers took some time to surprise Annie Bartosz and her neighbors for a good cause.

12 year old Annie, who’s brother Jack passed away from pediatric cancer, founded “Gold in September” (G9) to raise awareness of kids battling cancer and to inspire action for childhood cancer initiatives. Before his passing, Jack and Aaron had been close as well, teaming up to support the MACC fund. Which is why this video is especially touching.

Watching this video, you’ll see Aaron possibly in a way you’ve never seen him before. It’s evident how much he cares about supporting the cause and how approachable he is with everyday fans out in the community.

From the G9 website, the best way to support the cause is by “turning the world gold in September, which will raise awareness, inspire action, and increase support for childhood cancer. Please continue your current philanthropic support. Those motivated by our efforts to become a part of the childhood cancer solution can become involved with the G9 Project as an individual, group, or corporation. Please contact us to learn how you can become involved. Show your support with G9 apparel! Our online store will be open for a limited time (09/19/14 – 10/10/14). Place Your Order Today! is new! Please leave a comment!