Living in Washington, it’s not that easy to keep up to date on Packers news. For those of you lucky Packer fans that actually live in Wisconsin, you live, breathe, and eat news and Packer talk on a regular basis.

There’s great news about the Packers everyday, but I have to hunt for it on Google, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ESPN,, and others. On mobile, I’m hopping from app to app, bookmark to bookmark. I wanted a one stop shop for everything Packers. That’s why I started It’s just getting started, so bear with me as I build up great Packers content for you. – One Stop Shop for Green Bay Packers News

I’ll comb the web for the best Packers news across the major sports news outlets – so you don’t have to. Packers news curation, if you will.

I’ll also compile and update a bunch of stuff for Packer fans living outside of Wisconsin. For example, how to watch live Packers games online, where to find local Packer bars, and when Packers news may be on TV or radio nationally or internationally.

I’ll also touch on Packers social media, like good player tweets, Facebook fan pages, YouTube videos, etc. I’ll even start player pages to compile news and profiles on key players from the team.

At some point, I hope to create a mobile app since I know a lot of us catch up on the Packers on our phones, and this could eliminate 4 – 5 apps on yours.

Drop me a line if you have any ideas on how to improve the site and bring you better Packers news content.

My day job is building websites, so I hope to create a superior experience on this site. For example, large pictures, clear headlines, cut the clutter, and generally make it easy to consume more good Packers content.


Joe Fletcher

Packer Backer in Washington