Packers – Seahawks: 5 Things to Watch

Journal-Sentinel’s Bob McGinn lays out 5 things to watch in the Packers – Seahawks game that may determine the outcome.

1) Who Wins on the Perimeter

In 2012, the Seahawks’ cornerbacks basically neutralized the Packers’ top 3 receivers (Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, James Jones). Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell are two of the best in the league and apply super tight coverage. Can the Pack’s receivers get separation? If so, Aaron should be capitalize.

2) Who Capitalizes on Weak Links

Both offensive lines are starting rookies. For the Packers, Corey Linsley at Center. The Seahawks are starting rookie Justin Britt at Right Tackle. Peppers, Matthews, and Neal may work this weak link to get to Russell Wilson. 

3) Can the Beast be Tamed

in 2012, the Packers D-line did a decent job of containing Marshawn Lynch. In 2014, the Packers younger, leaner, quicker defensive front will be put to the test.

4) Man in the Middle Earl Thomas

Free Safety Earl Thomas is expert at reading the QB. Rodgers is excellent at disguising his intended targets, and also has one of the fastest releases (if not the fastest) in the NFL.

5) Double Move, Double Trouble

The Seahawks utilize a play action, “double move” offense. In practice this pre-season, the Packers have been bitten on this. With Percy Harvin’s talent for getting open, the Packers defense ability to contain and react to these double-move tactics may be key to getting off the field with minimal points on the board by Seattle.

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